TOP 10 Retail Kiosk Solution Providers - 2017
Diebold Nixdorf: Moving Beyond Omni-Channel

TOP 10 Retail Kiosk Solution Providers - 2017

Customers today are demanding personalization, seamless service and immediacy. Retailers are re-inventing the way to keep up with shopper’s expectations by making kiosks a medium of enhanced profitability and increasingly a means of providing immersive and interactive customer experiences. Interactive kiosks are gaining popularity for enhancing customer satisfaction as they operate in a self-service mode and provide crucial information for users in retail outlets, malls, supermarkets and more.

A lot more customers are seeking options for faster ordering and payment, and self-serve kiosks offer the ability for them to control the end-to-end transaction. Additionally, growing competition at retail level has resulted into newer functions for kiosks such as coin hoppers, bill acceptor, card readers and thermal printers to enhance and customize the task performance resulting into increasing demand for the interactive kiosks worldwide.

The use of augmented and virtual reality is at the forefront of innovation within retail; this extends to the use of AR and VR with in-store customer engagement, virtual modeling, brand interaction, and advertising technology. The emergence of AI-powered chatbots is also gaining prominence as retailers and mall operators look to follow their audience to help shoppers pinpoint particular store locations and deliver personalized content and experiences.

However, business requirements and goals may vary from one retailer to another. With multitude of vendors offering retail kiosk solutions critical to the to the business needs of the organizations, it can be quite toilsome for the CIOs to zero in on the right fit for their enterprises. To help CIOs in selecting the retail kiosk solutions software, our distinguished panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, industry analysts and the editorial board of Retail CIO Outlook has narrowed down the selection to the final 10 Retail Kiosk Solution Provider that add value to the top retail domain.

We present to you Retail CIO Outlook’s “Top 10 Retail Kiosk Solution Providers – 2017.”

Company Logo Company Name Company Description
American Well American Well offers telehealth solutions that transform healthcare delivery
AML Provider of innovative kiosk solutions for retailers of all sizes
Diebold Nixdorf Leader in connected commerce, with proven expertise and comprehensive portfolios in cutting-edge systems technology, and multi-vendor software
Gable End-to-end digital solutions, specializing in interactive kiosks with advertising for retailers to attract, connect, and engage consumers
KIOSK Provides proven expertize in design engineering; application development, manufacturing, field support,and managed services for the most sophisticated self-service platforms
Meridian One of the largest end-to-end provider and technology integrator, committed to developing innovative and total self-service solutions
Pomeroy Pomeroy’s comprehensive retail solutions optimize IT infrastructure and maximize the availability, efficiency, and productivity
Reality Interactive Reality Interactive has created hundreds of dynamic in-store experiences partnering with some of the world’s biggest brands and their agencies
Revel Systems Revel Systems is a feature-rich business platform integrating operations and customer channels driven by the Point of Sale into a single dashboard
USA Technologies [NASDAQ: USAT] A premier payment technology service provider of integrated cashless and mobile transactions in the self-service retail market