American Well- Welcome to the Modern Clinic: The Telehealth Kiosk

American Well- Welcome to the Modern Clinic: The Telehealth Kiosk

Danielle Russella, President of Client Solutions, American WellDanielle Russella, President of Client Solutions
In our fast-paced world, care needs to be easily accessible wherever we go. For more than a decade, American Well has been enabling video doctor visits via mobile, web, phone and kiosk. The telehealth kiosk allows a health system to extend their presence and have their brand visible to new patients, an employer to offer convenient care to employees in place of expensive on-site clinics, and a retailer to introduce a new health and wellness service to shoppers in-store. The kiosks are a fully equipped, point-of-care service with a touchscreen interface, high-definition webcam, connected biometric devices (like a stethoscope), electronic prescribing, and the ability to check insurance.

American Well serves some of the largest health systems and health plans in the U.S. such as Cleveland Clinic, Nemours Children’s, Intermountain Health, Avera Health, UPMC, New York-Presbyterian, Anthem, Optum, United Healthcare, and many Blue Cross Blue Shield plans. These organizations white label American Well’s software to deliver an array of telehealth services to patients and consumers. Kiosks allow them to further extend these services. Their clients have made kiosk care available just about every place that people go. “We have kiosks in employee cafeterias, on school campuses, out in the community, with the school nurse, in the supermarket, next to the pharmacist in the pharmacy, and even in the busy Emergency Room. With our kiosks, you are electronically and immediately matched with an available provider,” says Danielle Russella, President of Client Solutions at American Well.

The kiosk provides patients urgent and primary care, nutrition, diet, wellness and therapy service through a simple user experience. American Well provides three different sized kiosk models: fully enclosed, walk-up console and desk-top, all facilitating live, on-demand visits.

The kiosk brings doctors right into the store. It’s incredibly convenient for consumers and costs far less than building an onsite clinic

All kiosks are placed in secure and private spaces. With American Well’s clinical affiliate, Online Care Group, the nation’s only dedicated telehealth medical group, and through its health systems clients, American Well has over 5,000 providers across various specialties who can deliver care. Danielle explains, “The kiosk makes it easy for a patient to connect immediately with the right provider because our software manages details such as ensuring the provider has the right licensure and seeing if the patient has health insurance to cover the visit.”

The American Well kiosk enables retailers to partner with their local health systems. One example is South Dakota-based Avera, who has partnered with the Hy-Vee grocery chain to reach Millennial Moms in the grocery store. Through their kiosk partnership, Avera attracted many new patients, while Hy-Vee saw increased store traffic and positioned itself as the healthy choice store.

American Well’s innovative technology continues to expand through capabilities like the Exchange. According to Danielle, “Through the Exchange, a community of American Well users who all utilize American Well’s platform, we’ve created a healthcare marketplace. Our ecosystem of clients can connect with and share clinical services with one another. Importantly, our clients can acquire specialty healthcare services from some of the most well-regarded brands in the country.” As an example, American Well recently announced a partnership with Samsung, where American Well’s telehealth technology is embedded directly into the Samsung Health app loaded on millions of mobile devices.

Look out for American Well to continue to introduce new product features and partnerships that enhance the convenience, breadth, and quality of care for patients everywhere.