Gable: The New Digital Harmony for Retail

Gable: The New Digital Harmony for Retail

Stephen Gottlich, Senior Vice President, GableStephen Gottlich, Senior Vice President
The busy holiday season was in full swing with frenzied shoppers rushing to the local malls to snap up the latest deals. Simon Property Group, one of the largest shopping mall operators envisioned a world-class immersive digital experience for shoppers and businesses within the malls. Simon needed a trusted partner to roll-out new, interactive digital directories across all their malls, to help businesses connect and engage with consumers through visual communications that effectively enhance the consumer experience. Headquartered in Baltimore, MD is Gable, a visual solutions company that brings Simon’s stringent requirements for digital directories and interactive kiosks to fruition. Gable creates an awe-inspiring customer experience with a centralized control and content management system along with digital marketing artistry.

“Our expertise is in creating next-generation digital directories and kiosks with world-class digital way finding and interactive capabilities and an advertising component that is ready to greet the shoppers,” says Stephen Gottlich, Senior Vice President of Gable. The massive 65-inch, LCD, full HD touchscreens that are strategically located in high-traffic areas provide shoppers with convenient access to what’s going on at their favorite mall through an engaging new user interface. Gable is perfectly poised to help brands engage with their consumers through effective visual communications at retail and corporate locations, public spaces, commercial and residential real estate properties, casinos and entertainment venues, and transportation facilities.

As an expert in the convergence of visual communication disciplines, Gable incorporates sound and the other senses with many varieties of visual displays to tell stories in places where access to information and applications for communication is essential. The firm combines digital displays, audiovisual, static signs, and lighting to successfully design an interactive, dynamic digital directory.

At Gable, we feed the growing consumer appetite for customizable, on-demand digital information, providing solutions that fuse efficient service with memorable experiences

With the unique blend of technology, digital, and ad components, Gable is taking customers to the next level of experience and promoting an exclusive way of engaging them via an immersive audiovisual environment.

Gable’s interactive kiosk comes to life when a shopper walks within a few feet of the screen and switches to the advertising loop when the way finder is not in use. With the digital interactive maps in place, shoppers can quickly identify the location of shops and services as well as find the shortest route to their preferred shop. Shoppers have the option to send the details of directions to their mobile device through a variety of digital communication channels. Gable also provides users with a best-in-class search option for a quick search of stores, dining options, current discounts, and available services. The firm leverages the latest location-based marketing technology to allow brands to connect directly with their customers with relevant information in real-time. Information regarding the latest offers and deals available from retailers and restaurants is updated every few hours, enabling shoppers to have a fun-filled, interactive and enjoyable shopping experience.

The leadership team at Gable believes in product innovation and customer delight. “At Gable, we feed the growing consumer appetite for customizable, on-demand digital information, providing solutions that fuse efficient service with memorable experiences,” affirms Gottlich. Right from design and media development through manufacturing, installation, and service, Gable’s dedicated specialists support clients in their business journey, helping them to unlock productivity, and drive even greater opportunity and growth. The firm promises to hold true to its philosophy of providing remarkable customer experiences, by expanding the possibilities of how businesses communicate through its comprehensive capabilities, the culture of creativity, technical prowess, and forward-thinking visual solutions.