Top 10 Retail Kiosk Companies - 2018
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Top 10 Retail Kiosk Companies - 2018

In an age where the consumers are primed to make purchases using a wealth of information available, and expect more from their actual shopping experience, kiosks are providing the perfect complementary service within brick-and-mortar environments.

The use of kiosks in the retail environment has certainly evolved over the years. From simple beginnings as a small, open-fronted cubicle where newspapers, refreshments, or tickets were sold to consumers, retail kiosks have transformed into an interactive, engaging shopping assistant where you can customize a pair of shoes or your jewelry, plan a vacation, or even watch a video. Retailers and consumer brands in about every retail segment are seeing the benefits that these store displays can add to the customer shopping experience and, thus, subsequently improving their bottom line.

Last year, McDonald’s introduced self-service kiosks as part of their ‘Create Your Own Taste’ campaign where consumers could build a customized burger or order off the standard menu. While this initiative helped in increasing the popularity of the burger joint outlets, it also significantly aided them in boosting up the sales.

That said, in order to simplify the task for C-suite executives, a distinguished panel comprising CIOs, CEOs, CTOs, analysts and Retail CIO Outlook’s editorial board, has reviewed numerous retail kiosk solution providers and selected the outstanding ones. The companies have been chosen for their ability to provide innovative solutions that redefine shopping experience of the customers.

In this edition of Retail CIO Outlook, we present to you “Top 10 Retail Kiosk Solution Providers – 2018.”

Company Logo Company Name Company Description
Appetize A fast growing and disruptive technology platform that is replacing legacy point of sale and payment systems at entertainment, leisure and education enterprise businesses around the world
Aptito An all-in-one restaurant POS solution that offers the most complete package of features that help reduce the cost of labor and improve the customer experience with no upfront cost
Diebold Nixdorf Diebold's portfolio of POS technology, software and retail automation solutions drive efficiencies by accelerating the checkout process and improving convenience for both retailers and consumers
Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc. A third generation, family-owned company with vast experience in designing and producing creative, branded point of purchase displays and kiosks for any in-store environment
Ideas & Innovations With their leading kiosk technology, I&I enables retailers to give their customers a mix of next-generation products on demand with their kiosk applications
Semnox Solutions Delivers a comprehensive and integrated hardware and software solution for entertainment, amusement, and leisure industry
ShoptoCook Provider of kiosk solutions and content for kiosk, mobile, and web application and email and SMS campaigns
UP Solution UP Solution provides POS hardware, software, and payment processing services, to provide business owners the convenience of managing their POS and payment related issues, in one place
Versatile Credit Provides solutions to apply for and receive in-store financial credit in realtime
ZIVELO An innovator of self-service technology solutions that designs, manufactures, and distributes public terminal systems