Semnox Solutions: Streamlined Retailing through Innovation

Semnox Solutions: Streamlined Retailing through Innovation

Bepin Jose, President, Semnox SolutionsBepin Jose, President
“With businesses evolving and technology advancing, innovation is unstoppable. People are willing to experiment new things that they haven’t done in the past,” begins Bepin Jose, president of Semnox Solutions. Strongly believing that the desire to solve problems gives rise to creative innovation, Semnox tackles the complexity of using multiple siloed systems with its Parafait suite of products.

The Parafait platform is focused on family entertainment centers, theme parks, attractions and food courts. It is an RFID based cashless platform that solves various needs such as ticketing, admissions, debit card system, and POS among other functions. With Parafait, the company’s prowess is known across over 40 countries and 1400 sites. The secret behind Semnox’s success is their key focus on the product, better understanding of the client, and knowledgeable workforce.

The core technology of the Semnox Parafait suite is designed to enhance customer experience. The customer experience is optimized through the omnipresent Parafait platform that allows guests to interact with the business at all times from anywhere through any channel. Be it at the entertainment destination through a cashier-operated POS or Tablet or through a self-service Kiosk or remotely via the web or through the phone. In the recent past, the self-service Kiosk has become a very popular solution. The kiosks can pretty much do every task that can be done on the traditional POS. A typical Kiosk has multiple payment options (Credit/Debit cards, NFC, Cash) and allows the guest to purchase RFID based admission tags/cards, access to attractions, Food & Beverage items, Combo items and register for loyalty programs.

With businesses evolving and technology advancing, innovation is unstoppable. People are willing to experiment new things that they haven’t done in the past

Returning guests can check their balance, their previous activities and also recharge the tags/cards. The Food & Beverage orders can either print at the Kitchen printer or show up at the Kitchen Display System. Guests can redeem promotional coupons at the Kiosk. Kiosk can be configured to offer upsell options to guests. Items can be configured to be available based on time of the day. This becomes very important for timed buffets and special promotions. Since less human intervention is required, clients can divert their workforce to core areas like customer care and marketing.

“No more tokens, smaller queues, and no more silos,” states Jose. Every touchpoint of the customer is either a simple tap with a card or a wristband processed through a single transaction or payment.

Semnox updates its product every three months to bring improvements in revenue and customer experience. 70 percent of Semnox’s development cycle is based on customer input. “The remaining 30 percent is innovation where technologists process information from the customer success program and envision new ideas,” says Jose. The development cycle is based on three main aspects: scrutinizing a customer’s outlook from feedbacks, determining the value of feedbacks through evaluation, and finalizing the product idea to ensure customer satisfaction.

The Semnox team comprises passionate technologists who are primarily engineers. Forging ahead, the company is focused on enhancing its online experience featuring mobile platform, while fostering self-service capabilities in kiosks. “Everything the customer is touching is going to evolve continuously and we will be at the center of this evolution,” concludes Jose.