UP Solution: Integrated Retail for the Digitally Savvy

UP Solution: Integrated Retail for the Digitally Savvy

Jay Yoon, President and CEO, UP SolutionJay Yoon, President and CEO
During a weekend sale, a store associate in a clothing outlet trails behind a customer hoping to expound on the different offers. The customer, busy discussing what to buy on a video-call with a friend, informs the associate that he can do without assistance. In this digital age, trends indicate a remarkable shift in customers’ desire to control their transactions. Moving on to another customer who was seeking assistance, the store associate learns that the customer speaks a foreign language. As the store fills in and the checkout queues grow longer, the store owner ponders how to satisfy both the connected and the non-connected customer.

As a panacea for the myriad of issues a business owner faces, a stellar POS services provider—UP Solution—offers the UP-Kiosk™ 100. It is the ideal solution to help businesses cater to individualistic customers because UP-Kiosk™ 100 gives them control over their experience from the moment they walk into the store to when they check out. Furthermore, the kiosk frees employees to help non-connected customers better. “The UP-Kiosk™ 100 is a sophisticated and affordable solution for business owners that are faced with the challenge of connecting with the diverse consumer market,” says Jay Yoon, CEO and president of UP Solution.

Founded over a decade ago, UP Solution provides end-to-end POS hardware services, the UP-Kiosk™ 100 being their latest hardware solution for the retail sector. The kiosk solution, synced via the cloud to the point-of-sale (POS), bridges the gap between business owners and the individualistic customers through the integration of services like online order management and customer loyalty programs. Furthermore, the UP-Kiosk™ 100’s simple and intuitive user interface with multilingual support for 15 languages enables businesses to broaden their customer base.

Being an enterprising developer of innovative POS software as well as terminal and tablet hardware solutions, UP Solution provides POS hardware, software, and payment processing services in a single platform for the ease of business owners.

The UP-Kiosk™ 100 is a sophisticated and affordable solution for business owners that are faced with the challenge of connecting with the diverse consumer market

Backed by a cloud-based engine, businesses can not only access but also make changes to their system anytime and derive vital business insights. UP-Kiosk™ 100 handles all transaction types through the cloud, which assists merchants to efficiently manage their business. The transactions can be carried out easily with the kiosk’s built-in card reader, which accepts EMV chip cards eliminating the need for external peripherals.

UP Solution has successfully enabled businesses to increase their revenue with the cloud-based system and hardware that they provide. A food catering business that initially used a localized POS system benefited when they began using UP Solution’s cloud-based engine in each of their 20 locations. The business owner was able to quickly analyze consumer consumption patterns, and change business strategy to boost the profits. With UP-Kiosk™ 100, the merchant is now expecting the new kiosk units to help cut down on payroll, and drive more efficiency from existing employees.

A unique feature of UP Solution is that they don’t force businesses to adapt to their solutions. Instead, businesses of all sizes can derive flexibility from UP Solution’s vertical-specific POS software and hardware offerings because the company aligns development with the market needs of customers and vendors better than anyone.

With plans to foray further into other business verticals, UP Solution envisions expanding their kiosk solution to cover general retail and personal care businesses. From a hardware perspective, UP Solution plans to add larger screen sizes, 21” and 40” to their kiosk lineup to provide end users more options to choose from. UP Solution is the definitive choice for businesses wanting to provide satisfying experiences to the connected and non-connected customers and wishing to build deep connections with them.