SmartBox: Smart Snacking Solution for a Healthier Workforce

SmartBox: Smart Snacking Solution for a Healthier Workforce

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Brandon Stallings, Founder & CEO, SmartBoxBrandon Stallings, Founder & CEO
The current day workplace exerts a tremendous amount of work pressure over employees. In such a scenario, employees hardly get time to step out of the office and have healthy food. To avert the repercussions of the hectic work hours, workplace admins in charge of food services look for healthier food choices for their employees. Bringing smarter food options for organizations and its employees is SmartBox. Based out of Jacksonville, Florida, SmartBox provides healthy snacking solutions by installing vending machines in a high-tech environment equipped with automated self-checkout kiosks. “As part of the paperless, automated retail industry, we at SmartBox have taken a proactive approach to offer a variety of quality food choices to help our clients achieve their wellness goals,” says Brandon Stallings, Founder and CEO of SmartBox.

SmartBox’s cloud-based self-checkout kiosk system, GoMarket, serves as a micro market for people to easily access freshly prepared local foods every day. Instead of stepping out for lunch, employees can walk up to the kiosk installed within the office premises and view all the available food items they can purchase. Through the interactive touch-screen on the system, employees can check product reviews, ingredients, and nutritional information before making any purchase. They can then scan the item they want to buy and make payment either with their debit/ credit card or by creating an account in the kiosk system. The users can easily sign in to their account via a login ID or passcode and add money to make payments smoothly. To ensure security, SmartBox provides Wi-Fi-enabled security cameras to track missing items.

What’s more? The employees can also access the GoMarket with SmartBox’s mobile application. The application allows users to sign-in and scan the QR code placed on the item to make the purchase.

As part of the paperless, automated retail industry, we at SmartBox have taken a proactive approach to offer a variety of quality food choices to help our clients achieve their wellness goals

Additionally, SmartBox’s ‘Put it on my Tab’ feature enables employers to fund some of their employees’ purchases.

“We focus on providing our customers with a variety of fresh food items containing natural ingredients with no hydrogenated oil, trans-fat, refined sugar, artificial preservatives, or color, keeping their health conditions in mind,” adds Stallings. The food items include snacks, light meals, beverages, locally prepared dishes, and salads. SmartBox leverages its tablet-based warehouse management functionality to replenish the fresh foods flexibly every 72 hours in the kiosk. With the advanced software, organizations can track items placed in every row periodically and replenish items accordingly.

SmartBox’s achievements can be highlighted from its many success stories. For instance,, an innovative software company, wanted to provide its young and talented employees with healthier food choices. SmartBox helped the company by installing a full-size GoMarket to offer fresh foods, breakfast items, take-home dinners, snacks and beverages along with gifts and discounts.

What started as a simple vending machine company, SmartBox has come a long way. Driven by the success of GoMarket kiosk system, the company aims to expand into the e-commerce arena. It is also expected to add items such as medicines and supplements to their product portfolio even as it expands to 100 new cities within the U.S. Additionally, SmartBox is working toward increasing subscription for items that they sell online and is also incorporating gifting service solutions on their site. “By leveraging latest technologies, we are continuously reinventing ourselves to become the ‘new wave of the future’ in the retail snacking solution domain,” adds Stallings.
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Brandon Stallings, Founder & CEO

SmartBox provides organizations with snack solutions that range from customized corporate gifting to freshly made GoMarket fresh foods. The company hand-selects all-natural and organic snacks to provide the best choices when it comes to snacking at the office or at home. Their services include smarter vending, self-checkout kiosks, and online retail. SmartBox is the largest health foods automated retailer in Florida and one of the top natural & organic snack services companies in the U.S. SmartBox's mission is to make high-quality foods and beverages affordable and available, anytime, anywhere